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What’s Keeping You From Reading The Bible?

What’s Keeping You From Reading The Bible?

I was provided “From Powerless to Powerful: Finding Your Way To Freedom” for free in exchange for review. My opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links that provide support for Messy Tired Love at no cost to you. Thank you for your ongoing support!


I am a very self-disciplined person…as long as I have a plan. Without a plan and a clear goal, I’ll work hard for a day or two and then half-heartedly work without consistency after that. Most of the time the results aren’t even close to what I was aiming for. Sit an outlined plan with goals in front of me, however, and I WILL get them done, and usually ahead of time. It’s part of the reason why I did so well in school.

Can you relate?

My husband is a very ambitious person, but has trouble keeping momentum. He starts our strong, then after a week or two starts to slow down…unless he has accountability. If he has to regularly answer to another person or can work on his goals alongside a friend, he WILL get them done. It’s a part of the reason why he does so well as scientist.

Can you relate?

Our walk with God is the most important part of life and needs constant work and discipline for us to see healthy growth. We should approach it the exact same way we approach anything else in our lives – with the methods that works for us and our personality! For me, I need a clear plan and goals. For my husband, he needs to meet regularly with others.

What works for you?

Find The Problem That’s Keeping Your From Reading The Bible

Is your daily time with God suffering miserably because you open the Bible and have no idea what to read? It’s probably because you need a plan.

Do you open the Bible and enjoy freely exploring the scripture but don’t do it regularly? It’s probably because you need accountability.

Do you have the best intentions to open up your Bible but somehow it never seems to happen? It’s probably because you need to schedule quiet time with God.

Figure out what you need to be regularly in the Word of God. Then do it.

Implement A Solution And Get Help Reading The Bible

I’m always looking for great resources to help me get (and stay) in the Word of God. I was recently provided the opportunity to go through “From Powerless to Powerful: Finding Your Way To Freedom” by Amanda Spencer. It’s a 14 day study of Galatians 5 and is a wonderful tool for many different types of people.

It’s a structured plan that helps keep you on track.

It is simple and sticks to the verses at hand. No flash or fluff added to God’s perfect Word.

It provides questions at the end of each day to prompt your own thinking, but can also be used for discussion with an accountability partner.

It is the perfect amount of structure to provide substance to reading your Bible but quick enough that you can easily schedule it into your day.

Amanda is offering “From Powerless to Powerful” study on Amazon Kindle for only $2.99 right now (or $5 on paperback), so I encourage you to give it a try! It’s an easy way to start a regular routine of reading the Bible and spending time with God.

Buy “From Powerless to Powerful” here!


As a thank you for supporting Amanda’s new study, she has provided Messy Tired Love readers with these fun bookmarks to print and use in your Bible. Download the Powerless to Powerful Bookmarks now!

Want more tips to regularly reading the Bible and spending time with God? Read Creative Ways To Abide In God’s Word.

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