Christian devotionals connecting everyday mom moments with the truth of the gospel.


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God’s Word and prayer are all we need to have a relationship with him. Those two things should be our go-to resources for a spiritually healthy life, before anything else.

To supplement God’s amazing gifts, Messy Tired Love devotionals are designed to help us connect our every day lives to the gospel. There are also a lot of other amazing resources out there that can help you and your family dig deeper into knowing and abiding in Christ.

The resources you will find on this page have made an impact in my life and I recommend them to everyone. I have read or used all of these resources personally. Check back often, as I’ll be updated this page as I find new tools to share. I hope that they help you as much as they have helped me!

Resources to Grow Deeper in Your Faith

Presence by John Myer and Seth Evans         

Presence by John Myer and Seth Evans – If you are looking to deepen your prayer life, challenge yourself in your relationship with Jesus, and discipline your mind to focus on the Word of God, this book is an amazing resource. Part book, part workbook, it walks you through praying through scripture and encourages you to discipline yourself to do it daily. For busy moms, the Word of God will be the only consistent, refreshing, energy-soaked thing we will get from day-to-day. This method of praying through scripture will challenge you, but will also strengthen your prayer life in exciting ways.

Solid by John Myer – This book helps new Christians learn (and older Christians learn more about) the foundational truths of the Bible and how to maintain a healthy, spiritual life with Jesus. It should be a staple for every Christian’s bookshelf and can also be used in mentorship groups and small group settings, with discussion questions for each chapter.

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young – This year-long, daily devotional is written from the perspective of God talking directly to you. Each devotional can be read in under three or four minutes, and has corresponding Bible verses for you to read that inspired the narration. It’s beautiful, convicting, and easy for busy moms to fit into our chaotic days.

Pray in Faith by TW Hunt & Claude King

Pray in Faith by TW Hunt Hunt and Claude King – Prayer is hard. It’s hard because most people think they don’t know how and have not disciplined themselves to be consistent with an active prayer life. Using the Bible as a guide, this workbook has easy to follow lessons and practical exercises to teach you how to pray, and why you need to be doing it.

Parenting Resources

Revolutionary Parenting by George Barna       

Revolutionary Parenting by George Barna & Revolutionary Parenting Workbook by George Barna – If you are looking for practical advise and realistic habits to start with your family to put your children on a path to loving Jesus, this is a great resource. My biggest prayer is my children to not just be “go-through-the-motion” church goers, but to be passionate Christ followers. This book and the corresponding workbook uses real life families as examples to find success

Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones

Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones – This  Children’s Bible uses conversational language to put Biblical language into an easy to understand narration for kids. The images are beautiful and really help keep kids actively listening and engaged. Most importantly, Jesus is clearly the red thread throughout each story, which helps children connect the Old Testament stories to the gospel. I read this Bible daily to my children.

God's Love For You Bible Storybook

God’s Love For You Bible Storybook by Rich and Renee Stearns – This children’s Bible, published by World Vision, does a great job of showing that God’s love applies to everyone around the world. Between each Bible story is a real life example of issues others are facing the world (unclean water, for example) and what we can do about it.

New City Catechism by The Gospel Coalition –  Catechism is essentially just learning or teaching the very basics of the Christian faith. This is great for Christians of any age, especially if you are a new believer. For children, the FREE app is also a great resource, as it includes songs to help memorize the questions and answers! Just click “children’s mode” for the shorter versions of the questions and answers.

Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp – It’s important to remember the goal of parenting: raising a child to love and honor God. In the tough situations, it’s easy to forget this goal and focus on the issues at hand. Discipline is hard. We get lazy. It’s easy to focus on the short term. This book has been great in guiding my parenting strategies to bring my child up in the Lord.