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Build a Bible Reading Habit with She Reads Truth Bible

Build a Bible Reading Habit with She Reads Truth Bible

Why is consistently reading the Bible SO HARD? Real life mom confession: Having a Bible reading habit was difficult for me before I had children, so now the problem is amplified. There are many creative ways to abide in God’s Word throughout my busy day caring for and cleaning up after children, but it’s not the same as sitting down and having uninterrupted, focused time with God. (I barely remember what having uninterrupted time is like!) After bedtime, I still have so much to do…like chores, work projects, catching up with my husband…that I put off reading the Bible until I’m just too tired to focus. Sorry, God. I’ve put you last on my list yet again. Having a Bible reading habit is something that comes and goes in my life, which I think means it’s not really a habit, right?

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I’ve found that keeping my Bible open and laying in the middle of the dining room table is a great way to remind myself to read it during the day. I mean…it’s already open. All I have to do is look down at the pages while eating my lunch! There is no excuse that can get me out of that one. Since trying this method of consistent Bible time,  I’ve been reading the scriptures to my kids during mealtimes using the new She Reads Truth Bible. While my kids aren’t paying attention 100% of the time, it’s been wonderful for me! I’m working on building a Bible reading habit not only for myself, but for my children too. 

Bible Reading Habit She Reads Truth Bible

Using the She Reads Truth Bible to Build a Bible Reading Habit

I was given this Bible to review for B&H Publishing by FrontGate Media.  While I was given the Bible for free, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

The She Reads Truth Bible is perfect for me as I try to balance caring for my children, working from home, and spending time with God. This Bible contains so many helpful tools and resources that speak directly to the Christian woman living in the real world. It’s also a Bible that I know can help busy moms create a solid Bible reading habit.

It’s a beautiful Bible, to be sure. The scripture art at the beginning of every book are the “pictures” my son needs to hold his attention for 30 seconds while I introduce our reading for the day. It also has colorful maps and timelines that introduce cultural and time period context to supplement God’s Word.

Build Bible Reading Habit with She Reads Truth Bible

These are great resources but my absolute favorite thing about this Bible is the reading plans for each book. Not only does it outline what to read in that book each day, it provides corresponding scripture to dig deeper and connect the big picture story of the Bible that we often miss. It’s exactly what I need to stay consistent – a plan, a purpose, and the option to read light or heavy depending on the day I’m having. It’s structure yet flexible, which is perfect for building a strong Bible reading habit!

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There are also devotionals (over 200 of them) sprinkled throughout the She Reads Truth Bible that touch on everything from the generosity of God (2 Samuel 6-7) to intimacy with your husband (Matthew 6-7) to rejoicing in suffering (James 1). Just like the Bible reading plans, these devotionals can easily be used to structure my time with God. They give a starting point and a focus for what I should read in the Bible each day.

Honest Feedback About the She Reads Truth Bible

The only negative thing that I can say about this Bible is that the pages are incredibly thin. They seem thinner than in other Bibles, which I didn’t think was possible!  As a mom with young kids, it’s going to be difficult to keep the pages from ripping. One plus side is that the margins are wide for note taking and journaling, but the pages are so thin, you’d definitely need special Bible pens to write anything. An extra prayer that the ink doesn’t bleed through wouldn’t hurt. These two things are nit-picky and is the case for most Bibles –  neither is a deal breaker and neither get in the way of building a Bible reading habit. I still love this Bible!

You can purchase the She Reads Truth Bible here.

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