Christian devotionals connecting everyday mom moments with the truth of the gospel.


Being a mom is messy, tiring business. The good news is that we can connect the word of God to every single moment and Messy Tired Love Christian mom devotionals can help. You might be thinking, “Yeah right! How does the Bible connect God to the meltdown that happened at the dinner table tonight and the pee I have to scrub off the bathroom wall for the fifth time this month?” I don’t blame you for thinking that way. There is so much real life “stuff” that never gets talked about when we’re at church, in prayer meetings, and sometimes not even with other moms.  That can make for a pretty lonely mom life.

Let’s break that habit. Let’s get real. Let’s talk about real life and a very real Jesus.

Messy Tired Love’s Christian mom devotionals aim to connect every day mom moments to the truth of the gospel. Jesus can be found in awesome and difficult moments that all moms face. No, the Bible doesn’t explicitly talk about diaper blowouts, temper tantrums, or the fact that you haven’t showered in three days. But Messy Tired Love’s devotionals for moms connect them to Jesus in a way that is honest, true, and that will strengthen your relationship with Him. You’ll find five-day Christian mom devotionals series that are easy to fit into your busy day. You’ll be challenged to open your Bible, memorize scripture, and look at your current mom life from a new perspective.

How To Use These Christian Mom Devotionals

The Word of God and prayer always comes first. This devotional should supplement your time with God. It shouldn’t replace it or take priority. When your devotional reading cites a verse, read it, meditate on it, memorize it, and read it in context of the surrounding verses. The bible is the living, breathing Word of God (Hebrews 4:12). Together with the Holy Spirit, it will transform your life if you let it. These devotionals are just here to help guide you, connect real life to Biblical truth, and to let you know that you are not alone in your life as a momma.

There is also great benefit in journaling your thoughts and responses to the verses and the devotional prompts. This doesn’t need to be anything structured or fancy. Just write what you are feeling. Take it a step further and find another mom to go through the devotional with you so you can talk about what’s going on with you and how you can help each other find God in the tough stuff. Accountability and praying with others (Matthew 18:20) is very powerful!

Other Resources

While learning and growing in our walk with God, there is no comparison to the Bible and prayer. Those are our direct lines to God and should always come first. Devotionals like Messy Tired Love are great to supplement your daily quiet time. If those are established habits for you, consider using other resources to try new ways of connecting with Him and deepening your knowledge in Him. The Resources page is full of items that are Messy Tired Love “approved” and among the favorites of the author, Kristina.

About the Author

Messy Tired Love Christian mom devotionals are written by Kristina Gorr, momma to two wonderful, full-of-life children, Jacob and Vera. She attends Grace City in sunny San Diego, California but will always be a Buckeye. O-H! Learn more about Kristina here.