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Propel Women: Gauging Mom Success

Propel Women: Gauging Mom Success

As mothers, how do we gauge success in what we do?

Being a mom is a pretty thankless job. It isn’t glamorous, doesn’t pay, and definitely doesn’t give us elite status in society.

As a mom who is striving to reflect Jesus in her parenting, our mom success must be gauged from an eternal perspective, not a worldly one.

I recently had the privilege of attending Propel Women, a large-scale women’s conference hosted by Christine Caine. To be honest, I’d never heard of her, but had heard great things about Propel and was excited to go. Little did I know what a positive impact it would have on my parenting and my ministry through Messy Tired Love!


Disclaimer: I received discounted tickets to attend this event and write a review. My thoughts and opinions are my own.


Propel Women: Mom Success

How we gauge our mom success as Christian women (mothers, business women, ministers, workers) was my biggest take away from the event. There was a panel discussion in the afternoon featuring four women from various walks of life: a stay at home, a financial executive, a full-time minister, and a small business owner – married, single, divorced. It was refreshing to hear from each of them about their struggles, their learnings, and their successes. They struggled with real life problems all Christian women face, like comparing themselves against others and feeling inadequate according to worldly standards (even the executive!). Despite their differences, they came together in agreement – our work, whatever that is, needs to be focused on obedience to God over the outcome for us. While pursuing purpose and success, we can’t compromise our integrity in Christ. We need to be good stewards of what God has given us in our current moment. He won’t give us “more” until we prove that we can do well with “less.” What a practical and challenging takeaway! Our mom success is judged by Jesus, not the world.

Propel Women: Mom Success

For me, as author of Messy Tired Love, my success in this ministry shouldn’t be measured by page views or the number of comments I receive on devotionals that I post. This work is for the Lord and has eternal value. My work as a mother – folding laundry 5.1 million times and peeling dried food off the baseboard – also has eternal value. I am serving the Lord through it all. God sees my work as a mom and as a servant to others and he is pleased. I have mom success in Christ!

Propel Women: Mom Success

Propel Women is a full day of learning and worship. Between talks by influential women, powerful worship invited the Spirit to move among hundreds of women in the packed auditorium . There was prayer for healing, prayers for children, and praying for each other in our seats. There is something about corporate worship and praying with others that takes our relationship with God to another level. I was filled up to the brim with God’s presence and power!

Propel Women: Mom Success








I should note that I had my eight month old with me the entire day. Thankfully, she was a little angel throughout every session. I didn’t have to miss a moment of the conference, although I did let her crawl around in the back towards the end and I just listened from there. She was itching to move! It was nice to feel that I could have her with me without being judged as a distraction or disruption. The volunteers and other women sitting around us were supportive and encouraging of our presence among them.

Propel Women: Mom SuccessPropel Women: Mom Success














There are a handful of other Propel Women events this year. If you are near a city that is hosting one, I highly encourage you to check it out! You will experience the presence and power of God alongside other women who are struggling with real life, just like you.

Want to learn more about how to achieve mom success through an eternal perspective? Click here for devotionals that connect your everyday mom moments with the truth of the gospel.

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  • Thank you for sharing the review! Makes me want to go to a Propel conference now! 😉 I loved that you got to take your precious daughter with you. She was soaking up the Word and praise songs right along with you. I also really appreciated your comment about how your ministry success isn’t measured in page views (as a blogger, I can totally relate) and how our eternal success is measured in how we love the Lord and love our families and friends. God bless! 🙂

  • You are right, Kristina, there is something about corporate worship that takes us to a deeper level. I was at a huge Christian conference last month and loved it! Felt fueled up again and drawn even more closer to the Lord. Thanks for sharing your heart here. 💓

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