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I’ve Been Nominated for A Liebster Award!

I’ve Been Nominated for A Liebster Award!

Messy Tired Love was nominated for a Liebster Award by author of Only Girl In The House, Shelanda Brown. We took a blogging course together and it’s been great to work alongside other moms like Shelanda, trying to get our sites up and running to share with the world. Thanks for nominating me, Shelanda!

So, what is a Liebster Award? It’s an online blogger award that helps spread the word about new blogs. You can read the official guidelines here.

Below are a few things that are required to accept the award:

Share a blog I enjoy: Lynnae McCoy: Seeking God in Faith, Family, & Finance

I just found this blog, but am really excited about following it. She has a passion to spread the word of God through her words, just like me. While I love to write, I also love to read and be inspired by what others are doing. It’s truly amazing how God works so differently, yet powerfully, in each person’s life.

Share 10 Random Facts about Me:

  1. I grew up and lived in Ohio my entire life…until about 18 months ago. Now I’m in California where the clouds are a bit more shy.
  2. I have a ridiculously large extended family in southern Ohio.
  3. I am an open book, which is part of the reason for starting Messy Tired Love. I want to share my story, struggles, and successes so that others can know they aren’t alone and there is hope in Jesus.
  4. I was in an elevator with Jack Black, his wife, and two kids once.
  5. I was valedictorian in high school and graduated cumma sum laude from The Ohio State University. While it sounds impressive, it means nothing in real life. I wish I would have known that during school and chilled out a little!
  6. I have fallen off of a horse while riding bareback. It hurt. A lot.
  7. I am a choco-holic and find it hard to find someone that matches my intense love for it.
  8. I really, really don’t like most seafood, but have found that salmon and swordfish are delicious when cooked correctly.
  9. I love trying new things, travelling, and exploring. It’s not as evident now, with two kids underfoot, but I’m excited for when family vacations are more manageable.
  10. I love love love writing. I’m beyond excited that I get to do it for Jesus through Messy Tired Love.

Nominate Five Other Bloggers for the Liebster Award:

A Life Built on Purpose by Christina Macon Robertson (Bonus shout out to this girl: We are both Christian moms who launched our sites at the same time. She has been very encouraging to me through the process of getting Messy Tired Love published. I encourage you to check her out!)

Snippets of Stewarts by Brittany Stewart

Fit4Strength by Kate Petrovic

Create Laugh Learn by Michelle Kunkel

That Macro Life by Amanda Abel

Thanks again to everyone who has supported me in my dream of authoring Messy Tired Love. You all are such blessings!





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